Apr. 4, 2019

Why Religion Part two a common thread


If you have read,"Why Religion", this will make more sense. If you haven't then go back and read it now.

The United States has remained united even though it is a nation which is composed of a multitude of ethnicities, social mores, and religions. NOW, this would seem to be in conflict with the previous post where I emphasized a singular binding common focus for any successful nation, namely a common religion.

It is true that the United States has been a primarily Judeo/Christian nation which led to a adminably cohesive society. However, within that society there have been and still are, a multitude of religious beliefs that are not compatible with the Judeo/Christian belief.

So, what is the reason that the U.S. has remained bound together? It might surprise you and explain many of the actions of those wanting to destroy this great nation. We need to look closely at the actions of our politicians and educational community. You see the binding force is under direct assault and when it is defeated we will never be able to put it back together.

The one element that has bound all Americans of all religions and ethnic backgrounds has been our constitution. We , as Americans, have always had a secure feeling that, even if not perfect, our constitution would provide the guidance, over time, for a "More perfect union". 

It is no wonder that those who wish to destroy this nation have chosen to attack the fundemental principles our constitution was founded upon. In addition they have injected a paradigm of doubt in our educational system. In the majority of cases most people wishing to "change" the constitutional provisions do not understand the damage they might be doing to the very foundation of our nation.

While not a religion, the U.S.Constitution has allowed Christians, Jews, Hindi's, Muslims, blacks, whites, native Americans, Etc.Etc. to have a commonality while still worshiping as they see fit. 

Instead of strengthing the one common thread people are now willing to dismantle it. As much as we may joke about this section or that section of the nation leaving to form another country we may very likely taking those steps that will accelerate that very possibility. Without a constitution to bind our nation we will cease to be a melting pot in which we have so long taken pride