Oct. 11, 2014







Unfortunately our nation has become so polarized that it has affected our ability to think rationally.  The recent letter, in the LHC newspaper, on Conservatism is a fine example.  Why are conservative views and progressive views necessarily incompatible?  Why can’t we pursue progressive goals with a conservative view towards the control and focused use of funding? Sadly, both sides withdraw to the extremities; resulting in a “winner takes all” paradigm that is unproductive.


As an example: Social Security has been touted as the untouchable benefit. WHY can’t it be revised for everyone’s benefit?  Allowing that government bonds are never going to fail unless the government itself fails why can’t an alternative funding be established? Say, 20% of the SS taxes are directed toward government bonds. This would increase the yield, stabilize the fund, and benefit everyone. Why? Because it would mean that Congress wouldn’t have a “piggy bank” to draw upon and a major political argument would be lost; that of “privatizing the fund”.  Why can’t it be means tested where individuals like Bill Gates with 53 Billion dollars can’t draw without a bono-fide NEED? Why can’t it be truly “lock boxed” where Congress can’t use these funds?


Another: Why can’t educational bond issues be segmented by use and passed individually? Because that would force school officials to spend the funds where designated and to project specific needs. Instead, officials request a “Lump Sum” with many expenditures comingled so the public has no input into specifics.


Progressive or Conservative, these aren’t incompatible. What is incompatible are the people that lack the insight to seek Progressive goals responsibly.  Progressivism only incurs ridiculous debts because we fail to establish our goals, separate needs from wants, and discern the most economical means to implement them.