Jul. 29, 2017



Here we go!! This will be a short tirade about a huge issue. I will undoubtedly take much abuse from my liberal friends. I only ask that you seriously consider what I present.


        Today, the mantra has become that we must empower our young girls so that they develop into powerful and assertive women with self confidence.  Much like many other “causes” this is ridden with trueisms; but also like these “causes” they shield us from examining the results of our efforts.


        One question that must be asked is,” How do we define a Powerful, Assertive, Self-confident woman?” This is important because if we are taking action and molding our young children with a misconception of the definition we are, in effect, injuring them instead of nurturing them.


        Did you know that the  huge majority of “fist fights” in High School are between girls. I’m not talking about a slap. I mean punching, hair pulling, kicking, biting fights between teen age girls. Why, because we’ve taught them to act that way. There is a fine line between a self assured powerful woman and a crass B-----. Unfortunately we  are often developing the latter in our attempts to achieve the former.


        I once stood in the school parking lot directing traffic and had a woman, with four children in the car, step out and use every filthy word to try to make me allow her to drive in an area that was clearly marked “no vehicles”. When I asked her if she was setting a good example for her children her response was,”They understand that I’m expressing myself”.  Now I’m sure they understood that that type of action was what their mother advocated.


        There was a time when “Ladies” knew how to behave and still were strong, powerful influences. Eleanor Roosevelt, Rosa Parks, Helen Keller, Nancy Reagan, Margaret Thatcher and on and on were women who didn’t have to start fist fights or use abusive and vulgar language.


        Sadly, when we allow our young ladies to act in these manners we are perpetuating habits that will eventually retard their ability to truly succeed in life. No-one wants to work with or near a B----. A young lady that develops this degree of misdirected aggressiveness will have a difficult time even getting past the interview process for many positions, AND they will never tell them the reason why.


        I would advise mothers and fathers alike to begin to DEMAND that their young women begin discerning the difference between being self-confident and being artificially powerful. A bully is a bully whether a boy or a girl and whether physically or verbally. WE should expect more from our young LADIES.




12.07.2018 22:32

Claire K

There’s a fine line between being strong, proud, and assertive and just being a galling individual. People can’t see that feminism today, is polar opposite to when the movement first started. Sad.