Oct. 6, 2015

Red to a Blind Person

This entry will be slightly different. This is an assignment I was given in my freshman year in college. I am including it because I truly feel this type of assignment helps students to exress themselves and should be used more often in the classroom. It is to describe a color to a blind person.





We, as sighted persons, often overlook the impact that various colors have on our lives. You, on the other hand, must consider our reactions to the color spectrum with awe and wonder. The best way to gain insight into the myriad of personalities a color can display is to evaluate the central figure in the color community, RED.


RED holds its position as a prime pigment with the tenacity of a splinter wedged firmly under the fingernail. It uses this position to display various personalities. RED is a true multiple-personality whose sweet nature can instantly shift into the violent and dangerous radicalism of the confirmed psychopath.


Beginning as a soft and gentle pink, RED reminds one of the sweet and cuddly newborn child. At this point in life the frequent mood swings, inherent to RED's personality, are cute and vivacious. A soft RED is mellow and soothing; a "Hot Pink" is full of devils eyes and childlike orneriness. This is the time in evolution that all colors appear innocent and our friend is no exception. Because of RED's successful facade, and the relaxing feeling it gives us, we often relate pink to little girls and pretty things.


As a teenager RED exposes her true depth. The softness found in childhood is gone, replaced with the sneer of defiance. Clothed in bright RED raiment, the monster stalks the bonds of earth in the guiseof stop-lights, fire engines, taillights, or warning devices of every kind. RED waits as the cat stalking its prey. Hidden in the deep recesses of the fire or the newly released blood of its victim; RED can evoke fear, excitement, or violent anger. Challenging in her rebelliousness she wreaks havoc with ones perceptions. Callously she brutalizes the onlooker’s emotions, and numbs the senses to other stimuli.


Maturity, as with other creatures, finds our old friend sedate with deep rooted emotions and more socially acceptable mores. The older and wiser RED presents the impression of the matronly lady of elegance. Now deeper and darker in color she relaxes, and reassures her visitor by action the part of the perfect hostess.


Under her stately demeanor still laythe searing embers which fired her youth. Old and comfortable she radiates a lusty appearance and stimulates the observers' fantasies, while calming his fears.


RED, by its presence alone evokes responses from your sighted friends, often without their understanding. Pictures described to your clouded eyes can be better understood by remembering RED’s dual nature and strong influences.