Jan. 23, 2018


As with many of my entries this is a "throw it against the wall and see what sticks" type of entry. I've used this technique to gain consensus on a great many policies or issues and its advantage is that once you have addressed a paragraph, page, section, etc. everyone has had their input and in the end you are finished.


You gather representatives from the various perspectives and hand each a "rough" of the proposal. Then you project it on the wall. You walk through it section by section with everyone having input making the changes on the projected copy. When done you print out the newly constructed tome and hand the approved copy to each member. Walla you are done. I've seen 200 page policy manuals revised this way in less than three hours.


Effective March 5th the following is effective:

1.    All DACA registered immigrants will be placed on a path toward citizenship under the following guidelines:

a.    Registration must have occurred prior to Feb.20th with no exceptions

b.    Individual must have spent or will have spent 10 years without any felonies or repeated misdemeanors.

c.    Individual must have been gain fully employed or free from government assistance for the four years prior to application for citizenship.

d.    Individual must state they understand that only immediate family to include Mother/Father and siblings will be granted the same opportunity.

e.    Application will place the DACA registrant into the normal vetting and citizenship Que.

f.     Any applicant discovered attempting to vote prior to obtaining citizenship will face immediate deportation and will void any claim to residence in the U.S.

2.    As of March 5th there will be no priority for citizenship for any member of any immigrants or naturalized citizens relations beyond that of Mother/Father or Sibling and these will fall under the same restrictions stated for DACA relatives.

3.    As of March 5th children born within the borders of the U.S, will remain recognized as U.S. citizens however parents will not be allowed permanent residence and may either find suitable foster care or in order to maintain the family unit return the child to their home country until such time as this citizen has reached the age of maturity to return in its own right.

4.    Any immigrant found to have entered the U.S. without authorization will forfeit any rights to governmental assistance.

5.    All places of employment within the United States employing 5 or more individuals will be required to maintain E-Verify files on all workers. Any worker discovered working after eluding proper identification under E-Verify will be deported and will relinquish any future right to enter the U.S.

a.    Any Company found to be circumventing the intent of the E-Verify system will face a fine of no less than    $100,000 per instance and monthly verification of adherence.

6.    A wall or other physical barrier will be constructed along the southern border of the U.S. wherever deemed necessary. Any individual attempting to circumvent the barrier or cross over it without authority will face 5 years incarceration and/or deportation. Subsequent offenses will face a mandatory 5 year incarceration. Inmates illustrating honorable conduct may be allowed to work outside in the upkeep of the barrier at $3.00 per day.

7.    All individuals falling subject to these regulations will face adjudication within one calendar week (7days) by an officer of the court. Any request for a continuance will be deemed a failure of legal counsel to perform their function and will result in a charge of contempt of court and a fine of not less than $5,000. (As these plaintiffs have no legal reason to be in the U.S. a continuance could only be for the benefit of the legal counsel and should therefore require reimbursement to the citizens of the U.S.)


Didn't say you had to agree with this "rough", just the concept