Nov. 27, 2015



        By now all of my friends know this is a topic about which I feel very strongly.  I not only feel strongly because these  exist but also because Americans, leaders, journalists, and everyday individuals are seemingly oblivious to the inherent dangers of these violations of our civil rights.


        Today, throughout Europe, and now within the United States, Muslim communities are setting up what are called "no go" zones. These areas are within the immigrant Muslim communities and virtually restrict all Non-Muslims from access.  In fact, they even restrict police patrols and threaten violence to any non-Muslim who enters.  I hold that these violations of basic American civil rights are far more insidious than most Americans understand.  We are a nation that has been blessed by not being a daily part of the violence, atrocities, and oppression that has been seen in the Middle East and many African nations.


        Yes, most in the Muslim community are upstanding, hard working, individuals and we welcome them to our melting pot of a nation. However, part of being part of, and benefiting from, that melting pot is assimilating into the culture of the nation. NOT becoming UnMuslim but joining the greatness of the Muslim traditions with those of the adopted country.  Developing enclaves totally alien to the resident population fails to stimulate that very assimilation that immigrants seek. Wanting to be a part of the greatest nation in the world, with the greatest freedoms, incurs an obligation. Without that the country will degenerate to exactly the type of society you worked so hard to leave; with the same oppression and limited ability to excel.


        I am calling upon our legislators, law enforcement officials, Muslim leaders, and all Americans to enthusiastically reject these "no go" zones.  After the Paris tragedy Parisian Muslims were interviewed and were telling of young groups meeting and condoning violence and Jihad. Whenever, groups meet in isolation the extremists voices ring louder and stir dissent.  It becomes a cancer on civil discourse and peaceful coexistence.


        Not only are these "no go" zones the antithesis of democratic freedom but they are a direct violation of all American's civil rights.  Grumpy encourages everyone to speak up over this one subject.  Not in defiance of immigration but in support of a multicultural society that encourage interaction and not isolation.